Fostering the development of regional communities, creation of new jobs, development of the infrastructure in the region, and assistance to local farmers and entrepreneurs. Preservation of the biodiversity of natural ecosystems and the safeguarding of historical and cultural sites, as well as education of locals on environment.


Infrastructure improvements

From 2015 to 2017, infrastructure improvements have been completed as part of the Tatev National Park project, carried out in collaboration with the Armenian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

  • The restoration of the drinking water supply in the Svarants village. In total, more than 500 meters of damaged pipes were replaced restoring the regular water supply.
  • The installation of 20 garbage bins in Tatev village greatly improved the collection of waste in the community.
  • 19 LED energy-saving street lamps were installed in the village of Tandzatap.

Development of B&B in nearby villages

Within the scope of the B&B hotel development project, the Tatev Revival program, has trained and provided full support to the owners of guesthouses.
In the process of training, the owners of 23 B&Bs in the Tatev region have mastered the basics of marketing, hosted representatives of tourism companies, and traveled to other cities to exchange experiences with their colleagues. The project participants have been given help with the registration of their businesses and the organization of their management processes. Part of the project included the launch of, a website dedicated to Tatev B&Bs. Additionally, booklets for each hotel were designed and printed, and information boards
about local B&Bs installed near the Wings of Tatev.


New skills for locals

The Tatev Revival program launched a crafts school project, where locals attended theoretical and practical trainings in embroidery, miniature, and souvenir manufacturing.
Another training for locals was implemented in order to develop ecotourism and hiking: the Smithsonian Institution (USA), in partnership with the Tatev Revival program, organized special seven-week courses for
local guides.
During the training the participants underwent a course in the history of Tatev, learned about its ethnographic
and natural features mastered the basics of its architecture and archaeology and went on all the hiking trails around Tatev specially laid out for tourists. At the end of the training, seven residents of the Tatev region were officially accredited and given the opportunity to work as guides on hiking tours.


Souvenirs from locals

Since 2014, the Tatev Revival program has been actively assisting local entrepreneurs by acquiring handmade souvenirs and other products. Some of the products on sale in souvenir shops located near the Halidzor
cableway station purchased from local residents. Handmade toys produced are in great demand, including ceramics, magnets and key-fobs bearing the image of Tatev, as well as decorations made from leather and wood.


Improvements in local school and kindergartens

Tatev Revival program together with the Armenian Social Investment Fund undertook a major refurbishment
project at a local school in Halidzor village. Another project was implemented by Tatev Revival program for local kindergartens. The program initiated a project to make the children’s stay in kindergartens in the Khot, Shinuhayr and Halidzor villages more enjoyable. Artists traveled from Yerevan to these communities, equipped with brushes and paints, to decorate the walls of the kindergartens.


Opening of engineering labs

Since the start of 2015, through the financial support of the Tatev Revival program and the active involvement
of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE), engineering labs have been opened in schools in Goris, Tatev, Halidzor and Shinuhayr. The labs present an exceptional opportunity for students to acquire up-to-date engineering experience while developing their logical reasoning skills. Led by UITE, the initiative allows 50 children from Syunik region to gain in-demand engineering skills through professional training received from Armenian experts.


Local village market

The construction of the local market near the Tatev station of the Wings of Tatev aerial tramway was another important infrastructure development project implemented within Tatev Revival program. The market, designed for 16 retail outlets, creates an ideal environment for local vendors. The vendors sell their goods to visitors from behind elegant, two-level counters, and store their products inside, alleviating the need to take them home every day and bring them back the next day.


New tear event for kids

Tatev Revival program organize New Year’s performances for nearly 1 000 children from seven villages located near the Tatev Monastery. Different actors from Yerevan put on performances for local kids each year including a Puppet Theater, circus and other shows. At the end of the performance, all the children received special gifts prepared by the Tatev Revival program.


Sheep shearing festivals

Sheep shearing festivals have been organized four times in Tatev region: near Halidzor station of Wings of Tatev aerial tramway and in Syunik animal market. The festival was yet another opportunity to build bridges between various communities and private companies. The idea behind the festival is to make people aware of the traditions, culture and local products as well as to foster the development of tourism in the region. On average, over 2 000 people take part in the festival each year. Last year’s event featured a sheep shearing contest, live folk music, dance, games, sports, and a fair where local producers presented their products.