“BOLOROV” is a social platform uniting people in search of solutions for the most vital issues facing our country. The platform will be regularly sharing various initiatives providing everyone with options to support those projects. The construction of the Dilijan Church is the first among such initiatives that pursues revival of the spiritual life in this town as its aim.

Once, there were five churches in Dilijan. However, all of them were destroyed over time. Today the spiritual center of Dilijan residents occupies one of the Old Dilijan Hotel Complex facilities where services are held, and the spirit of the community is preserved thanks to the devotion of the local priest, Father Shavarsh.

In 2021, residents of Dilijan and all the concerned people united around a participatory initiative of the city church construction started in 2015 by philanthropist and social entrepreneur Ruben Vardanyan.

It is vital for us that everyone can become a part of the BOLOROV project. Anyone can donate money on behalf of themselves, their loved ones or donate anonymously. A donation of AMD 50.000 (USD 125, EUR 125, RUB 8000) or more makes person the owner of a nominal certificate of Dilijan Church Support Stone.