The main idea of ​​the Environmental Development Project of the city of Dilijan is the implementation of activities aimed at environmental awareness of the city’s population, the formation of environmental culture, thinking and lifestyle, since environmental pollution is becoming more and more acute and an urgent social issue.

As part of the EcoDili Project, we plan to attract the attention of the population through the implementation of campaigns for the distribution of printed and digital products containing educational and informational environmental messages, calls for cleaning the territory, separation of waste paper and PET waste for recycling and reusing, the installation of informational billboards calling for nature conservation, shooting and broadcasting environmental conservation videos. Dilijan Development Foundation in partnership with the biggest local and international environmental organizations of Armenia will conduct environmental educational lessons with the students of the high schools of Dilijan.

The variety of the events planned within the project will draw the attention of the population to solving regional environmental problems. We will involve the local community in weekly gatherings for cleaning the city, improve the environmental literacy of the population, instill their skills of environmentally correct behavior, help them to realize the importance of environmental protection and nature conservation, and form an environmentally oriented worldview of the local community.