Communication with city residents is a vital part of our work. Every day we learn about the city’s problems from the citizens and jointly look for ways to solve them.

As part of our work with the community, we organize interesting meetings, seminars with specialists, strategic sessions for schoolchildren, and thematic and festive events for people of different ages.

Every year, in honor of Dilijan City Day, we organize various activities for residents in the city park, invite famous artists to perform at a festive concert, and give the city a gift that helps diversify leisure time for citizens and tourists. So, last year, we gifted the city residents three playgrounds that were installed in different residential areas of the city.

On New Year’s Eve, we invite theaters with New Year’s performances for the children of Dilijan and nearby villages.

More than 800 children of Dilijan attended the New Year performances that we organized in 2021. Artists from the Amo Kharazyan Theater and the Henrik Malyan Theater were specially invited.

After the performance, the children received sweets and coloring books which they drew especially for the celebration. In the coloring book, the fictional character Impulse introduces the children to Dilijan and encourages them to make our city better.

We held a children’s strategy session “How I see Dilijan tomorrow” for schoolchildren of grades 7-11 together with the Dilijan Community Center and Cascade People & Business. Thanks to the session, we learned about the vision of the future among the young residents of Dilijan. We helped the children understand and define their role in city life. We got to know their opinions about the pros and cons of living in Dilijan and discussed how young residents of Dilijan can be involved in future projects.

Employees of our company joined participants. Together we presented 10 projects that should make life in Dilijan more comfortable and cozier.

The teams prepared projects to create a veterinary clinic where stray animals can be sterilized, 2 projects to create a city ice rink, a cinema, green territories, city greenhouses, an art space, a shopping center, and more. Teenagers impressed us with their activity, depth of thinking, and interesting thoughts. We continue to involve the participants of the strategic session in our projects in various areas: ecology, sports, leisure, vet clinic, and so on.

We are sure that only by interacting and communicating closely with the city’s residents we will be able to learn about the problems of the city invisible to our eyes, and solve them, thereby improving the quality of life in the city.


Dilijan Community Center (DCC)

Dilijan Community Center (DCC) is a project belonging to “Scholae Mundi Armenia” Charity Foundation. It was founded on the basis of Dilijan Youth Center, established in 2014 by the philanthropists Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend. It started as a platform to engage  UWC Dilijan College students with the local youth of Dilijan.

In June 2020, Dilijan Community Center was registered as a separate legal entity: “Dilijan Community Center” NGO. The founding members of the NGO are: “Scholae Mundi Armenia” Charity Foundation, IDeA Foundation, UWC Dilijan College.

In January 2021, DCC became the 4th Center adopted by DVV International in Armenia expressing its readiness to contribute to the lifelong non-formal education of adults.

Since its foundation, Dilijan Community Center has engaged 16,000 beneficiaries, conducted around 6,250 courses, trainings and community events, and established more than 60 partnerships.

The four main areas of activity of “Dilijan Community Center” NGO are: change-based education, community development, culture and sports.