The Friendship Park is one of the key projects of the Gyumri revival programme. The park was laid out in the 1960s in one of the central districts of the city at the area of 7.2 ha but fell into ruins after the devastating earthquake of 1988.
The reconstructed and revived park will become a new public space for residents and visitors of Gyumri, a symbol of friendship and rebirth, and will express gratitude to the countries that supported Gyumri after the earthquake.
Friendship Park will become an anchor driver of urban and social changes of the city. Its functionality and event programme will be integrated into the urban, historical and cultural landscape. he new Park will reflect contemporary values of residents, support customary leisure activities, become home for locals, and introduce the city of Gyumri to the tourists in a new light.
The park will include an all-year event programme. Moreover, the park will be used as the basis for an educational programme enabling its learners to master new professions and skills.

The park project is being designed and implemented by Tourism and Urbanism Foundation as a first pilot model of private-public partnership and social economic development of Gyumri.